iPads in sport – four of my favourite apps!

Rocky_Balboa_vs__Ivan_Drago_by_aliattiThey seem polar opposites don’t they? Technology and sport.

If you draw your conclusions based upon stereotypes – people that enjoy technology don’t do much sport, and people that are incredibly sporty shy away from sitting in front of a computer.

Furthermore, those of us from the 80s vividly remember Ivan Drago – who had all the technology money could buy,  and he got soundly beaten by Rocky, who had nothing but his drive, passion and ambition – and a sledge full of stones, to help him train.

However technology for years now has played a massive role in maximising the performance and potential of athletes and sports people, and now, thanks to the iPad the very same is happening in schools.

For the first time – with minimal fuss, cables and camera crews – we have a device that enables us to record what children do in PE and Games and then play it back, slow it down, annotate it and ultimately allow the children to see themselves and the ways in which they need to improve.

There are plenty of apps out there that are great for sports analysis but one of my favourites at the moment is called ActionShot. It’s a free app for iPhone that enables you to take several shots and then stitch them together –


You can then import them into an app such as ExplainEverything and get the children to annotate and record voice overs analysing body posture, movement etc. It’s great for running techniques, balances, gymnastic sequences etc. and is so easy to use that it is applicable to most ages.

icon175x175Another great app is one called ‘Time Delay‘. It’s essentially a very simple bit clever app that records what you’re doing but with a time delay, so once you’ve performed a routine or an activity you can quickly watch and then refine your performance.

Shadow puppet has applications across all subjects and across all ages, but is great for allowing the children to photograph or video each other in PE or Games and then create quick and effective evaluation movies to share.mza_4210492327513036450.320x480-75

Finally – the mighty Coach’s Eye. I needn’t say much more about this app, it’s simply incredible. Maybe if Ivan Drago had used this one, well – maybe history would be telling a very different story!

Dan Oakes – Feb 2015

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