Trilby TV – Twitter feeds!

trilbytvlogo.pngThere aren’t many app developers that, for me at least, are continually innovating their product in the way that Trilby do.

This week there has been a pretty incredible addition to their product Trilby TV. You are now able to share live twitter feeds and have them broadcast across all your digital signage.

It’s incredibly simple to do.

  1. Add the twitter account you’d like displayed, including how many tweets you’d like.


2. Approve it and assign it to your playlist.


3. Watch the magic happen!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

As if that weren’t enough, you can also embed the feeds into your school webpage.

Visually they look great too, set against a vibrant blue background.

If you press play below you’ll get a view of one of our feeds to see just how good they look!

@MalmesburyRTC's Twitter feed

If you haven’t already checked the product out, I strongly suggest you do!

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