‘Knowledge does not change behaviour.’

As leaders, supporting teachers to become the practitioners that they aspire to be is one of the core purposes of what we do. Ensuring that the teacher gets their delivery pitch perfect is critical so that the children are engaged, enthused and hooked from the word go!

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Trilby TV – Twitter feeds!

trilbytvlogo.pngThere aren’t many app developers that, for me at least, are continually innovating their product in the way that Trilby do.

This week there has been a pretty incredible addition to their product Trilby TV. You are now able to share live twitter feeds and have them broadcast across all your digital signage.Read More »


Out of this world writing!

Processed with Snapseed.Ominous alien moons hovering in the sky above your school. Strange creatures walking through the corridor and prehistoric monsters hiding in the playground. Who wouldn’t be inspired to write!

This idea follows on from my previous blog on inspiring children to write by using the fabulous Pixomatic app. However this will focus mainly on using the children’s immediate environment as the setting for a possible Sci-fi story.Read More »


Creating magical images to inspire writing!

img_4486I’ve recently come across an app called Pixomatic. It’s a really simple and intuitive app that can be used to create incredibly unique and magical images. These can then be used to inspire children’s writing.

1) To begin with select two images that you wouldn’t normally associate with one another. For this blog I’ve chosen a Read More »


QR codes in Maths – a quick win!

fullsizerenderHere’s a very quick and simple idea that could be used for either a maths starter activity or an opportunity to assess pupils understanding at the end of a unit of work. It essentially just involves QR codes which you could either create  yourself or ultimately get your children to create for you. Read More »


Using iPad to support creativity in Literacy.

Copy of apps used during the session on 1st September 2016.


Top 5’s!

IMG_1567Over the course of my career I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have met some truly inspirational educators. A few of us have just set up a group blog about ‘top 5’s’. We’re using it to share some of the apps we’re the most passionate about. I’m sure it will grow over the course of the next few weeks so I’m including a link to it here . Please check it out and let us know what you think!


Weaving magic with your digital signage using ‘Trilby TV’

  Sharing children’s digital work has often proven to be a huge problem for schools, and by this I’m not talking about simply during class time. Products such as reflector, air server and of course an Apple TV already enable pupils to quickly and easily share their work in front of the class so that it can be celebrated and next steps to secure improvements be given. I’m talking about sharing work with a wider audience and for longer periods of time, well after the lesson has finished.

How can they show their peers, teachers and indeed parents & carers, the professional looking work that they have created and are understandably proud of, much in the same way that a child’s art, literacy, maths work etc can be placed on to a display board, what is the digital equivalent?Read More »


ADE institute 2015 – ‘Do you get it now?’

IMG_1602It was a strange feeling to wake up on the morning of the 23rd of April 2015 and open an email congratulating me on my successful application to become an Apple Distinguished Educator. It was an accolade that I had been desparate to achieve for a long time and finally here it was.

Over the next few hours as twitter exploded with messages of delight and excitement but also understandably of disappointment, I couldn’t help but think to myself – ‘what difference is being an ADE actually going to make?’ 

Fast forward three months and having attended my first ADE institute I can honestly say I have been fortunate enough (in both a personal and professional way) to attend the most challenging, rewarding, inspiring and exhausting CPD event ever!Read More »