The iPad as a tool to embed assessment for learning!

screen-shot-2012-12-10-at-4.36.25-pmI remember as a school investing a small fortune in a ‘pupil response / voting system’. You were able to ask the children both closed and open questions and they could submit their responses to you digitally. You immediately had a record of pupils understanding of the lesson and, apart from having to input the questions in advance, it was very time saving as there was no marking to do.

However, they did have their limitations…

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QRafty maths!

IMG_2640QR codes, or Quick Response codes.

For a long time I’ve struggled to see their relevance in a classroom. However I’m slowly becoming a convert!

Apart from the obvious ease of being able to guide pupils to websites without having to get them to correctly type in a huge long web address I’ve recently been using them quite a lot in maths. I just want to share a very quick activity that is easy to set up, but that instantly gets everyone on their feet problem solving!Read More »

Don’t leave anyone behind!

toughmudderil3There are some truly incredible advocates of technology out there at the moment. Twitter, for example, is a phenomenal resource of people who are creating the most incredible and inspiring ways of using technology to enthuse, engage and energise children and indeed adults.

However, it’s important to realise that there are still many practitioners out there who are still finding this technological path before them quite challenging and treacherous. Even more so, there are people that have invested in the iPad as a tool to use in their classrooms, without the time or indeed the support network around them to truly use them for anything beyond the basic uses of their existing class PC.Read More »

iPads in sport – four of my favourite apps!

Rocky_Balboa_vs__Ivan_Drago_by_aliattiThey seem polar opposites don’t they? Technology and sport.

If you draw your conclusions based upon stereotypes – people that enjoy technology don’t do much sport, and people that are incredibly sporty shy away from sitting in front of a computer.

Furthermore, those of us from the 80s vividly remember Ivan Drago – who had all the technology money could buy,  and he got soundly beaten by Rocky, who had nothing but his drive, passion and ambition – and a sledge full of stones, to help him train.Read More »

Foldr to the rescue!

Saving and accessing your work – anywhere, anytime and on any device!n844665267_3261940_40911

When we first implemented the iPad scheme there were many issues that, at the time, there didn’t appear to be many answers for, or at least many robust answers; printing was always a problem, deploying apps in a quick and cost effective manner, allowing pupils to have the freedom of their own device, whilst at the same time monitoring what they were doing with it, etc!Read More »

Why iPad?


I believe the phrase commonly used is -‘the curse of knowledge’.

As leaders we spend so long researching, understanding, weighing up the pro’s and con’s of an idea / initiative – that by the time we come to a point where we are ready to fully engage those around us it can be quite difficult to empathise with the fact that they are looking at something for the first time, the way we ourselves indeed did at the beginning of the journey, and they may not necessarily immediately be blown away or jumping for joy at what they’re hearing. Hence we find ourselves afflicted with ‘the curse of knowledge’. Why don’t they get it? Isn’t it obvious? THIS is the way forward! Sound familiar?Read More »