QR codes in Maths – a quick win!

fullsizerenderHere’s a very quick and simple idea that could be used for either a maths starter activity or an opportunity to assess pupils understanding at the end of a unit of work. It essentially just involves QR codes which you could either create  yourself or ultimately get your children to create for you. 

fullsizerenderTo begin with create several QR codes (using an app such as QRafter) that contain maths puzzles / problems to solve. Position these ‘QR stations’ around the school with a map for children to use to locate them.

Next create a sheet such as the example below where each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number. Challenge the children to solve each of the QR code puzzles and find the mystery word that is made when all the letters are identified. This is a great session to start a staff meeting off with as it opens teachers up to the potential of making simple activities really hands on and exciting and shows them how easily technology can be integrated into their day to day teaching.


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