Creating magical images to inspire writing!

img_4486I’ve recently come across an app called Pixomatic. It’s a really simple and intuitive app that can be used to create incredibly unique and magical images. These can then be used to inspire children’s writing.

1) To begin with select two images that you wouldn’t normally associate with one another. For this blog I’ve chosen a dragonfly and a Knight on his horse. These were found by simply searching Google images, but you could just as easily use your own photographs.

2) Open up the Pixomatic app and select the image from your camera roll that you wish to have in the background. For this demonstration I’ve chosen the dragonfly.

3) In the bottom right hand corner is a ‘+’ sign. Select this and then choose ‘Add Foreground’. Select the image you would like to layer on top. I’ve selected the Knight in shining armour riding a horse. The second image should then appear onto of the first.


4) In the bottom left corner is the option to ‘Cut’. Select this and you will then be able to trace around the image with a red line. The app is very intuitive and depending on the background you don’t have to be too accurate (see below).


5) Select ‘Next’ in top right hand corner once this is done.


6) If you aren’t happy that you have exactly what you need shaded in red there is a ‘fill’ option to add more of the image and an ‘Erase’ option to remove anything that is highlighted that you don’t need. One you’re happy select ‘apply’!


7) Hey Presto! You can then use an image like this to either inspire some creative writing or simply fool the internet! I’ll leave that up to you. Enjoy!

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